"Echo far and wide, my prayer. Our reverberating singing voices. Painted a momentary light, illuminating a single flower. I want to keep our hands connected. And always be with you.”

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I  wish  everyone  could  just  d i s a p p e a r

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1. Do not say “I love you” if you do not mean it.
2. Do not date someone just to make another person jealous.
3. Do not cheat.
4. Do not lie, not even about little insignificant things.
5. Do not date someone just because someone else is unavailable at the moment.
6. Do not play with someone’s emotions.
7. Just be a decent fucking person.

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Wakasa, the merman, and his pet human, Tatsumi

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"Let come, what comes. Only I’ll be revenged."  Hamlet — act IV, scene V.

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Levi x 3DMG in the “A Choice with No Regrets” trailer

The sequence is simply stunning.